Monday, April 20, 2009

Probably Not Allowed

It is officially rooftop deck season! Earlier this weekend I put out the APB that, given the insanely gorgeous weather, enjoyment of the rooftop patio would commence immediately. And commence it did with bean bag toss (probably not allowed), beer (allowed, but probably against the wishes of some in my building), and lots of friends (also probably not allowed). I held down the post as the rule-enforcer (definitely allowed, unfortunately). No grill, however (probably -- no, definitely not allowed). Have you seen the view from our roof? Totally worth it. This summer is going to be Uptown living at its finest, folks.

What is allowed? Taking advantage of our time living in Uptown before we move (whenever that ends up being) -- in the past week and a half or so we've successfully
  • Walked Lake of the Isles. A couple of times.
  • Walked to Calhoun Square
  • Drank root beer @ Williams Pub and Peanut Bar
  • Enjoyed having a favorite dive bar a matter of feet (we're talking fewer than 3 blocks) from our place; see "A quality Friday night @ Red Dragon"
  • Discussed the finer points of bar bathroom design @ Drink Uptown
  • Eaten fresh rolls @ Tum Rup Thai
  • Had coffee and dessert @ French Meadow Cafe
  • Walked the 4 blocks to McDonald's for dinner *but* eaten it on the rooftop deck (because it's just that close)
  • Stopped by Hum's Liquor for a six-pack of Leinie's Summer Shandy (It's back! Summer may now begin!). Total roundtrip time: 14 minutes. No kidding.
  • Introduced an old colleague to Common Roots -- yet another fantastic restaurant within a 10 minute walk of chez Rice
  • Patronized my favorite local coffeeshop, Muddy Waters
  • Walked to the YWCA (doubles as a great warm-up)
And that's with temps only breaking the 60s/70s a handful of days. Imagine the gloriousness when it's regularly above 50. I'm psyched.

Friday, April 17, 2009

A quality Friday night @ the Red Dragon

Cranberry raspberry tart + cream cheese wontons = I <3 Uptown

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A pre-game empty stadium

My family at the Twins vs. White Sox game Easter Sunday

At the White Sox stadium (parking lot)

Call holding the lamb that was born overnight. Baa baa black sheep...

Quentin enjoying his yogurt in the barn (before he spilled it on the living room floor :) )


Calli and me with adorable baby animals

My nephew Spencer in the tree after getting down his Easter basket

My new cuddly friend. I named him Thomas. He's Spencer's barn kitty, but I don't think he's gotten a permanent name from him yet ;)

Gobble gobble gobble! You can't beat these feathers.

Duckies and chickens. Quack! Cockadoodledo!

I'll help!

I got to help feed the baby calves. Hungry little guys!

Maybe they just need breakfast :)

"We have wobbly baby knees!"

Some of the pigs.

There are a slew of piglets in the barn, but the pics didn't turn out.

Tiny day-old kids, not even named yet. Yay for springtime on the farm!

One of the kids nursing. Again - so cute.

Calli with one of the new kids born the day before.

Eric with a baby bunny. So cute and soft! (the bunny, not Eric ;) )

A donkey. I didn't get to ride him.

The goats. (What sound does a goat make? Bleat?)

Sir Loin, the cow

Bear, the dog

He has four other dog buddies, but I only got pics of one of them.

Pika, the dog

Welcome to Caulpris Farm! Moo!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Victor rocking it karaoke-style at the Otter

"When I Come Around" never sounded so awesome. Thanks for giving us a
reason to go out! ;)