Thursday, June 26, 2008

Go Freedom Train, Go!

A couple of weekends ago Jill, one of my wonderful bridesmaids, found herself with four days off and made the pilgrimage out to Boston to see us and the city! If I didn't know that she made it home in one piece, I would have thought she would burst from the pressure on the plane after everything we had to eat during her visit -- Italian, Jill's first real taste of Indian, Finale desserts, Mike's Pastry, Soundbites breakfast, Dunkin' Donuts, beer, champagne, beer...

We did more than eat, I assure you. ...But not much.

Some of the highlights include touring Harvard's campus and taking photos in front of John Harvard, the "statue of three lies,"

walking the freedom trail (including sitting/leaning on the DFL Donkey and seeing the "Make Way for Ducklings" ducklings!),

and "touring" Harpoon Brewery.

I say "tour" in quotation marks because the "tour" is really just a roped off area in their brewing room that you can stand in to look at the boilers. Like the ones behind Jill and me in the photo above. To be fair to the Harpoon people, they don't advertise it as a tour -- they call it a tasting, which is really what it was. We got to try all of the fine brewed beverages you see on the draught pulls above. They have beers, hefeweizen, and seasonal offerings, in addition to their 100 Barrel Series. We really liked the raspberry UFO hefeweizen -- it's a good, easy-drinking summer beer. However, sad as it might be, I think our favorite was their Cream Soda. Really, REALLY good cream soda.

We rounded out Jill's visit with a trip to Finale for a champagne flight and some delicious dessert,

and then headed down to People's Republik in Central Square -- this pseudo-commie bar with old propaganda on the walls and tasty beer on tap.

It was sooo fun having Jill in town! There's still time! YOU could be the next visitor to Sara and Eric's place!!!

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