Friday, October 3, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fu-un

Last Saturday was superbly fun-filled -- my bridesmaids Katie, Zoe, Jill, and Marni threw me a brunch bridal shower -- complete with Wuollet's pastries, cheesy hashbrowns, mimosas, and more! THEN, later that evening Katie, Jill, and Zoe threw me a bachelorette party (Marni may be 12 now, but she's still not quite old enough to partake ;) ) with many a bottle of wine. And maybe some pizza rolls.

I have to keep some of the evidence hush-hush, but here are some of the street-legal highlights from the festivities:
1. Seeing lots of my girlfriends!

2. Bridal haute couture, modeled by KatieJ, Marni, and Greta!

3. Hanging out with the prettiest, smartest, awesomest bridesmaids ever ;)

4. Deliciousness

5. A dissertation on fine art given by yours truly

6. Snuggling!

7. And presents, presents, presents!

(Bet you're wondering what's in the box, aren'tcha?)

LADIES: If you have more pictures, please send them to me!

Much laughter was laughed, many games were played, and much wine was drank. And yes Eric, it's true, I knew I loved you when I saw your triangle hair. I won't deny it anymore ;)

Thank you to all my girls, the moms, and Eric for marrying me, and ergo affording me the opportunity to have such awesome parties.

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