Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Chappy Chanukkah from the Rices!

Happy half-way through Hanukkah to all our friends!

On the first night Anna and Max came over for latkes, candle-lighting, and an exciting (if not long) game of 90's Edition Trivial Pursuit. It was a really nice way to kick off the holiday.

On the second night we headed over to Joe and Ellen Konstan's house for the Noazim (20- and 30-something's group at our synagogue) Hanukkah party. We ate cookies and bars and latkes and candy and then we ate some more. About 30 people showed from both Mount Zion and Temple Israel. A couple of huge games of Jewish Apples to Apples (arranged by yours truly!) and some enjoyable conversation later, and we had sufficiently ushered in Hanukkah :)

On the third night -- last night -- we quickly lit candles before heading down to Buffalo Wild Wings in Eagan with Katie and Adam to meet Katie's sister and some of her friends for wing night. When we got there, Adam decided to join some of the other guys in trying the Blazin' Hot Challenge. I never thought I'd see anyone attempt it, much less complete it (and under time, no less!), but you should have seen it. He could have been eating a hot dog or potato chips, or even just teriyaki chicken wings -- not the hottest item on BW3's menu. So calm. So collected. So not dripping with sweat. Remarkable! I present exhibits A through D:

On to four more nights of the Festival of Lights -- or Oil, which I think is a more appropriate name :) Still to come: Christmas with my parents and Eric's dad Jim, Luke's 25th (ack!) birthday, our small Hanukkah dinner party Saturday night, and family Hanukkah on the last night at Eric's mom and step-dad's house.

Chag urim Sameach!!! (Happy Hanukkah!)

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