Monday, January 19, 2009

Don't be jealous

Being unemployed (or as my pal Lisa prefers to call it, funemployed), anticipated or not, is not vacation perhaps it was supposed to be. Our condo is only so big, so only so much cleaning needs to be done -- as in, I Pledge-d ALL the woodwork in our unit today (If you've visited us, you know that that's a lot) because I've pretty much exhausted everything else except for the two loads of laundry I plan to do tomorrow.

My other vice -- and no, I wouldn't say cleaning is actually one of my vices as the only thing I enjoy less is job hunting -- is baking. It's a fun hobby when you only get to do it once a week or so. It's a dangerous and often-overused skill when you have nothing but free time spilling out in front of you like Lake Superior, and an ample supply of ingredients. My hips don't need any help staying flabby, and I'm running out of neighbors to share my buttered sugar-calories with without earning myself some enemies. And since I don't have co-workers to pass the goodies off on anymore, that means being judicious about how often I bake.

I'm running out of things to do.

I'm used to having a list of tasks two pages long at any given time. And then getting them done. My cats don't hold me to the same level of accountability my clients and bosses once did. :)

I have a running list of those things I've always said I would do "if only I had the time." Well, now I have the time, but no motivation. These things that once had a glimmer of excitement and the allure of distraction from the quotidienne are now tasks I only undertake begrudgingly. Fixing the cracks in the bathroom ceiling and walls? Next week. Painting? Only once the cracks are fixed. Finish a video game -- any video game? Meh. Sit and monitor my myriad news sites, blogs, and social networks, while passively watching a couple of movies or TV shows? Getting warmer... You can only go to the gym so many times in a given week before your body cries uncle and your friends start giving you concerned looks because you're on your 6th trip in the last week. It's not obsession if you're not avoiding other activities, honestly ;)

So it seems it may be time to begin my job search in earnest. I don't have a clear idea of where to go with it, though.

So here goes: I am looking for a job that involves regularly learning new things, problem solving, project management, and writing or some other form of communication. I've worked in public relations, communications (I include both for those who know the difference), and most recently in corporate training. My employers/clients have been in supply chain management, retail, IT, food, pharmaceuticals, academia, and the non-profit sector (I told you I liked the challenge of learning things quickly!) I've volunteered for a number of organizations and have served as a leader in a couple of them, including currently serving as Rosh Noazim, the chair of Mount Zion Temple's 20/30s group. I graduated magna cum laude from the University of Minnesota with a B.A. in Journalism-Strategic Communications, with a minor in French Studies. Here's my LinkedIn profile for the details.

Got any ideas for me? They don't even have to be leads -- I'm willing to take whatever suggestions you are willing to share!

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