Thursday, June 4, 2009

The days fly by...

To our friends and family who expect this to be updated somewhat regularly, I'm sorry. We've been busy with highly mundane things like working (Eric) and job hunting (me), which doesn't make for particularly engaging blog posts. So, to keep you updated in the most efficient way possible, here's a list of what we've done recently:

- Celebrated Jade's 21st birthday and her and Joe's engagement (in the same week!)
- Eric and the band are working on writing and recording new music so they can start booking gigs. Stay tuned for more on that in the next few weeks, we hope.
- I took a food photography class through Minneapolis Community Ed -- hopefully you've noticed a difference in some of my posts on FoodifbyLandFoodifbySea.
- Cleaned up an apartment owned by Urban Homeworks, an organization that works to provide affordable housing in the Twin Cities, with our friend Greta.
- Saw our friends Lynn and Sean get married at the very fun Wabasha Street Caves (Finally!!!)
- Traveled to Chicago for Eric's cousin Randy's high school graduation (the Portillo's hot dogs and Dunkin' Donuts were an added bonus, of course).
- Had a few showings of the condo, including one (absurdly low) offer. We're still crossing our fingers, but not holding our breath that we'll sell it soon. Tell your friends about it!

And probably the biggest update (but still not whole-blog-post worthy) is that, although I'm going to continue my formal job search, I've decided to focus my efforts on freelance writing and photography. If you need anything written or photographed, or know someone who does, let me know!

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