Friday, March 13, 2009

Back in the (blogging) saddle

So something like, oh, three months and 12 days ago I made some New Year's resolutions. The #1 was to post to the blog more often. Although I seem to have figured out how to use the cell-phone-picture-emailed-directly-to-blog feature pretty handily, the updates have been lacking real substance. Sorry.

Here's how some of those resolutions are going:
  • We have not sold the condo, nor have we bought a house. *But* we have spent the past three weeks renovating the condo in an attempt to make it dazzle. Cross your fingers for us.
  • Corollary to previous: I've been doing a pretty good job refraining from shopping, which is kind to our downpayment account. Living at the gym helps that a lot, I've found.
  • We were on a really good roll of making dinners at home until the renovations started. We'll see if we can get back into it. A three-week hiatus isn't terrible.
  • We're not doing a great job of attending services more, but I'm definitely involved at the synagogue, leading Noazim (the 20s/30s group), participating in a leadership development group, and doing some communications/social media consulting/advising for Sisterhood and potentially other groups at the synagogue. This also falls under my resolution to volunteer regularly, to some extent.
  • See siblings and parents more: I don't know -- you tell me. I think we're doing OK -- not better or more, but not worse or less than before either.
  • See family more -- not just our parents and siblings. We're doing terribly at this, but I did suggest we have a family reunion since cousin Courtney and baby sprouts are US-bound! That counts for something, right?
  • I have not completed, much less signed up for a triathlon, indoor or otherwise. I have, however, been at the gym like I am. I just want to find someone who will do it with me. Any takers?
  • And the one that probably should be at the top of the list, not the bottom: finding a job. This resolution is going terribly. I can name a list of reasons why I haven't found a job, but in any other economy they wouldn't fly, so I'm not going to try to pretend like it's OK to use them now. I really need to step up on this one. If anyone has any thoughts on what I could do, people I should talk to, or places to apply to, please let me know!
Eric and Luke are getting a band back together, and are writing, recording, and practicing music pretty regularly now. They've even set up shop in Jim's basement until we buy a house with a space of their own. I'm pretty excited for them, but hopefully you can hear them and be excited too. We'll keep you posted :)

In other news, the kitties are good, though clearly building a resentment towards me for putting them on a diet. (The vet made me!! Poor Murphy...) Three friends have gotten engaged in the past 3 months (Congrats to Nica, Ali, and Katie!!!), and one will get married this May (FINALLY Lynn and Sean!). My eldest niece and nephew just turned 13 and 15 respectively, and I can't get over it for some reason. Basically, life is flying by and I don't know how to slow it down to a pace that can be taken in with any kind of appreciation. But I'm working on it :)

Every blog post needs a picture, right? Voila: me holding little Eli Bits! (He's kind of nap-y. Hence the serious head tilt :) )

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Elene M Kahler said...

Keep up the blog posts. I love to read up on what you guys are up to.