Tuesday, September 29, 2009

And the beat goes on, dadadoondadoon

So besides drinking Spaten at Gasthaus's Oktoberfest, what have the Rices been up to? Good question.

Eric's band, The Cold Open, played two shows earlier this month, their second gig at The Fine Line (a Friday night, no less!), and Jew Years Eve at the Kitty Cat Klub in Dinkytown with some other local (semi-)Jewish-y bands under the guise of celebrating Rosh Hashanah. It rocked, as all good Jewish New Years ought to.

I started an internship with Tiger Oak Publications (publishers of Metro Magazine and Minnesota Bride), working on two of their community lifestyle publications -- Woodbury and Maple Grove! Although relatively unpaid, my two weeks there have already been a good experience, and I can tell I'm going to walk away with a boatload of published clips, so hopefully that counts for something when I'm done.

Not a week before the internship started, so did fall semester at the U. Yup, I'm back taking classes, this time through the Dislocated Workers Program. This fall, I'm taking Principles of Nutrition and an online intro to public health class. So far, so good. That wonderful old feeling of not having done enough for class is back... yaaayyyyyy... :\ I think I block it from my memory, otherwise I wouldn't get so giddy about going to school, I think. Regardless, I think I'm learning a lot. Hopefully I'll get to put it to use in the not-too-distant-future.

I'm still on the hunt for an "official" kind of job. As in the kind that pays. The kind most normal adults have. In the meantime, lots of fun opportunities have presented themselves. For example, two weekends ago I presented a cooking demonstration for Sukkot at the Minneapolis Farmers Market, kicking off their "Sunday Cooks" series. I'm also teaching an Israeli cooking class to a handful of 8th/9th graders at Mount Zion's Chai ("High") School.

We have another viable offer on our condo, although we know better than to *actually* get our hopes up. All the same, we're house hunting seriously now. Lots of stuff out there, but not much that's decent, fits our specifications, AND falls within our budget (in fact, there isn't much outside our budget that fits our specifications, so that's less of an issue).

AND, our first anniversary is approaching. I'm under the impression that Eric hasn't figured out a present for me, so feel free to send him your ideas, as I'm sure he could use a little inspiration :)


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