Thursday, September 10, 2009

Love is in the air. Or maybe that's just the smell of fried food in the morning...

I seriously love our wedding photographer, Becca Dilley. She's funny, smart, can carry on a legitimate conversation with people she's met only a handful of times for extended periods of time, is a lover of beer and cheese alike (perhaps the Wisconsonite in her?), is a regular contributor to (and founding member of) one of my favorite websites/blogs, Heavy Table, and -- oh, yeah -- takes frickin' phenomenal photos. Particularly, of Eric and me at our own personal Mecca, the Minnesota State Fair. (I hope all of you enjoyed the state fair food at our wedding!)

It was essentially the engagement session that didn't happen because we were too busy. Moving. Across a country. And then getting married. Yeah -- that.

We had a ball. Check it out.

Can I have more funnel cake now, please?

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