Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cosby Sweaters strike again

We've found a new way to occupy our otherwise mundane Monday nights: Stump Trivia. You can play all over town any night of the week, but Monday nights, Redline in Harvard Square hosts one. With only a handful of teams, we appreciate the decidedly low level of competition it offers -- probably because with a team of three (Anne, Eric, and me) we can still take second place. Team Cosby Sweaters rakes in the winnings (a $25 gift certificate), then returns the next week to eat and drink said winnings while working to replace them. It's a pretty fantastic system we have going.

But Cosby Sweaters is our second-place team name. We've realized that if we're going to take first place, we need a first place team name. We are hereby accepting suggestions for our new team name! Current ideas include: Unraveled and Likes to Steal.

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