Sunday, July 6, 2008

No, we don't know anyone here. We just needed to use the bathroom.

"No, we're not there yet. It's definitely past that bridge. ...And the one after that. We're probably halfway."

"Why'd you tell me that?!"

It continued in that vein for the 3+ mile trek to see Boston's famed fireworks set to the Boston Pops on the 4th of July.

Our friends declared their independence from studying for the bar; I just declared independence from work. Drinking bourbon+OJ while watching TV is not really as dramatic as throwing tea in the harbor, but we'll take it. :)

Of course the fireworks were amazing. They went on for what must have been a full half hour -- definitely spectacular. And I do love a good Sousa march, particularly on the 4th of July. And there may or may not have been a round (or three) of "God Bless America (Proud to be an American)."

But after walking for an hour to wait an hour and a half for fireworks that went on for another half hour, we needed the little cowgirls' room pronto. The four bajillion other spectators weren't inspiring a lot of faith that the gas station up the road would have a stall available... but we were passing the MIT frats who had their doors open and were clearly hosting a party.

We thought we'd be slick and just find the main floor bathroom and be in and out -- it was all one big common area, so we figured there'd be a bathroom around. Unfortunately, the sign on the door of the main floor bathroom wasn't kidding about not using it -- they not only put a crate on top of the seat, but they had it wrapped and sealed in some kind of paper "do not enter" tape.

Plan B: up the stairs. So Lena, Nicole, and I put on our "we do this all the time" faces and headed to the second floor. We tried to look like we were guests of the party and inconspicuously make our way into the bathroom -- my eyes and nose didn't register disgust, and since it was either this or wet my pants, I think you know which option I went with. While Lena was waiting for us, one of the girls at the party asked us who we knew at the party. "...Um, no one. We... we're just using the bathroom." Yikes! We've been found out! {{scurry scurry scurry down the stairs and back outside}}

Definitely the most adventurous thing I've done in a long time. Super glad we got to see a Boston 4th of July. It is the cradle of liberty, you know ;)

We wrapped up the night by eating a (very) late dinner at Pinocchio's Pizza. Definitely awesome that it's open at 12:30 a.m.

"...and I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free, do-doo doot, do-doot, do-dooot doo-doo..."


Aunt Elene said...

You guys are wild and crazy! But it sure sounds like you are having the time of your lives.

Dr. Foob said...

i really enjoyed your story! i was so lucky when i was in boston for the 4th -- our hotel was right next to that little island/peninsula, so we walked on, watched the fireworks, and walked right back to the hotel. :)