Sunday, May 3, 2009

Birthweek - Day 3: Bryant Lake Bowl-ing

Happy birthday to me...
Happy birthday to me...
Happy birthday TO MEEEeEEEE...
Happy birthday to me!

How did I spend my quarter-century anniversary?
I went to lunch at Ike's Food & Cocktails with Eric, then took some photos of a few of my favorite Minneapolis landmarks.

(Foshay Tower, Marquette & 8th)

Walked home from downtown because I can.

My street, totally clean and empty!

(Rock sculpture @ Franklin & Pleasant)

And after an afternoon of rest, Cheap Date Night @ Bryant Lake Bowl!
Dinner of squash risotto with duck (fancy!):

Lisa, my "cheap date" for the night (thanks friend!):

And bowling!

My very happy birthday was brought to you in part by:

BFF KatieP:

Luke, scorekeeper:

KatieJ, ham provider:

Suzanne (with me!):

And wine!

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