Sunday, May 3, 2009

Birthweek - Day 7: A morning at the zoo!

Friday morning at Como Zoo with Zoe and the boys!
Pretty giraffe! (Wouldn't you love to have eyes as beautiful as those?)

Majestic daddy lion! (the shot of the mommy lion didn't turn out)

Leo making penny wishes for everyone (I love how he's got his feet positioned so he can be thatmuch higher and closer to the top part of the fountain!)
I hope his wish for me comes true. I also hope he wished that my condo would sell.

Zoe and Eli, Baby Bjorn-style

Super awesome exhibit-y thing in the kids play area -- Leo made it rain! How cool is that?!

We rounded out the morning with lunch at The Good Earth where I had the most phenomenal turkey meatloaf with all the (fabulous, better-than-Thanksgiving) fixings. Highly recommended!

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