Sunday, May 3, 2009

Birthweek - Days 4: Figlio, a spark-tacular birthday event!

After few days of large-group shindigs, Tuesday (Birthweek Day 4) held a welcome low-key celebration with Gayle and Eric at Figlio for dinner, mini-tini flight, and my beloved red velvet cupcake, sparkler and all!

(Darkest to lightest: Blackberry Mojito, Ruby Cosmo, Wildflower)
The Blackberry Mojito and Ruby Cosmo were crazy-stiff drinks and disappointed me accordingly, but the Wildflower, which I got in a panic of having to pick a third for my flight, turned out to be wonderful! I'd like to reference what was in it, but Figlio's website isn't up to date; I recall it being gin-based with elderberry liquer/vodka and grapefruit juice. Delightful!

Small baby field greens salad with cayenne pecans, gorgonzola and sun-dried cherries; dijon vinaigrette on the side
Such a surprisingly lovely salad! The blue (bleu) cheese wasn't too overwhelming like I usually think they are, the pecans were delicious but not overly spicy, and the cherries added just enough sweetness to balance the whole thing.

Gayle posing for happy birthday wishes

The bread is worth photographing. Foccacia may be a dime a dozen (especially at Parasol restaurants), but that doesn't mean it isn't satisfying. Or beautiful.

Me: Italian sausage pizza with wood roasted crimini mushrooms, mozzarella, and added goat cheese
Pretty much exactly what I wanted. A celebration isn't really complete for me without goat cheese (although cream cheese stands in fairly well), so I had it added to the already-yummy toppings set. This thing was so huge that I ate my fill on Tuesday, then Lisa AND I shared the leftovers for a full lunch the next day. Incredible.

Gayle: Cavatappi with grilled chicken breast, kalamatas, sun-dried tomatoes, feta, red onions, crushed red pepper, garlic and olive oil.
Her plate was clean by the end of the meal. I think that means she liked it :)

Eric: Old school spaghetti & meatballs with foot-long cheesy-garlic bread. Figlio's "Tender Prices" promotion is a sweet deal -- all this food for $10. Eric could have eaten for two or three meals if he was better about leftovers.

Red velvet cupcake with wonderful cream cheese frosting and a *sparkler*!!! Totally made my day!

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